When traveling to Branson, a journey down Highway 76 into the historic downtown area is a must. Tourists flock to the famed ‘strip’ every year to see the numerous theaters and attractions.

To manage the enormous amount of vehicles traveling on the Highway each day, the city of Branson has developed a system of alternate routes that make reaching your destination easier. Each route is color coded and outlined on a map for your convenience.


The Green Route – Highway 76
Highway 76 runs east and west through the historic city and is marked by a green line. This route is also referred to as ‘the strip’ and will take you directly to the center of town. This path is much slower as tourists all desire to experience Branson from this vantage point.

The Red Route – Highway 65b
Highway 65b, also called State Highway 248 or “Shepherd of the Hills Expressway” runs parallel to Highway 76 and is the northern-most route on the map. This route will take you past many famous theaters like Yakov’s Theater, the Oak Ridge Boys Theater, and the famed Mansion Theater. Continue west and you end up at the IMAX Complex, shopping, dining and the amazing Sight and Sound Theater.

The Blue Route – Roark Valley Road
Roark Valley Road is a simple connecting bypass that also runs parallel to Highway 76. It is on the north side and is between the highway and the Red Route. The primary attractions along this route are “The Titanic”, Branson’s largest museum attraction, and the “Legends of Kung Fu, Chun Yi”.

The Yellow Route
This road follows along the south of Highway 76 and connects it’s visitors to some famous shows and attractions, including the “Thousand Hills Golf Course.” Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater and the Branson Variety Theater boast many of the unique acts and artists the area features each year.