Thinking of traveling to Branson, Missouri in the fall but have no idea what to do and where to go? Well let me help you! Branson, known as one of Missouri’s top attractions has all you need and some! Positioned in the heart of the Ozarks it gives you a balance between small-town appeal meets big city lights and action!

With the winds creeping in and the autumn leaves paving the ground with different hues of brown and orange this is a wonderful time to try out new activities. You will never run out of possibilities in Branson, Missouri, there is something for everyone.

Below are a list of 5 activities that Branson, Missouri has in store for you. All you need to do is take your pick! Or not-do them all!

Scenic Train ride

Fancy seeing the Ozark region? Then hop onto the train and enjoy 40miles of site seeing.

You will get to ride historic train trestles and enjoy great views of breathtaking lakes, whilst also being furnished with interesting historical facts by some of the more expert tour guides.

For a romantic night out, dinner is served only on Saturday nights. So go ahead and make that booking.

Take it inside!

That’s right! Keep it in indoors. No, not at home in front of the television, more like renting out a cozy cabin in the woods. Wind down, leave the 21st century for a while. Lock the phones, laptops and iPad in the cupboard. Just relax, enjoy the crackling fire and pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and let Mother Nature take care of you.

Finally start reading that book you’ve been putting off for a while; or go canoeing; or hiking in the wonderfully preserved woods; and why not check out the amazing caves.

Nature lovers will certainly fall in love with Branson, Missouri during the fall.

Branson, Missouri boasts a variety of Theatre’s and Shows

You will miss out a great deal if you do not step into one of the many theaters that are nicely spread throughout the town.

Sight & Sound Theatre, probably the largest Theatre in Branson, Missouri allows you to take a journey back into the Bible.

If you are looking for sibling entertainment then you must see SIX, “An Orchestra of Human Voices”, with a bit of Comedy to accompany it. This is a group of six real-life brothers who will entertain you till you till the very end.

Alternatively you can be dazzled by The Haygoods! Another family affair made up of 5 brothers & 1 sister who play 20 musical instruments! They play it all! It’s fun, energetic and infused with exceptional visual effects and choreography (Branson’s most popular show by far).

Table Rock Lake

Where does one begin with this stunning serene lake? If fishing is your thing then you will not be disappointed with the wide diversity of fish.

Or if you are more into sailing, water skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, you name it, this Marina will take care of that. There is also a nice beach with picnic tables set out.

Of course they would never forget the volleyball enthusiast for all those who like playing in the sand. And if all of this doesn’t tickle your fancy you can hop over to the state park which isn’t too far off.

Wine makes things better

Visit Stone Hill Winery and give your taste buds a tantalizing joyride! You get to participate in a fun and informative 30 minute tour-all things wine! The best part is when you get to sample up to 10 different types of their Missouri wine collection. Kids are welcome too, they get sparkling juice. If you are looking for a delightful experience, this is a must do!

So really the question is: What are you waiting for! Branson, Missouri awaits you and this is the perfect place to travel to this fall.