Branson Missouri is one of the few locations in the world that offers so many lakes. This is the perfect location for engaging in recreational water activities. There are three main lakes in the Branson area, and each lake offers its own unique experience. The main Branson lakes include Lake Taneycomo, Table Rock Lake, and Bull Shoals Lake. These lakes offer the perfect opportunity to interact with nature.


Lake Taneycomo is owned and operated by the Empire Electric Company. This dam is used for recreation as well as generating electricity. When power is not being generated from the lake, it exhibits characteristics of both a lake and a river.

Lake Taneycomo offers the best fishing experience as it is considered to be the best trout fishing area in the world. Here you will enjoy a year-round fishing experience catching the coveted Rainbow and Brown trout.


This lake is known as one of the best fishing lakes in North America. Table Rock Lake is a favorite spot for anyone looking to enjoy diversified water activities. In addition, Table Rock Lake boasts of being the home to numerous fish species ranging from crappie, bass, catfish, bluegill, and the white bass.

Apart from fishing, you can as well enjoy numerous other activities like boating, swimming, picnics and camping. Whether you are a professional or just enjoying a hobby, you will enjoy this unique experience at Table Rock Lake.


Bull Shoals Lake is arguably one of the biggest lakes in Branson spanning 45,000 acres. This lake provides the perfect destination for almost every water activity.

This lake is home to numerous fish species. Also, there are various water sports in which you can engage in, and they include water skiing, scuba diving, sailing, tube floating, and wake-boarding.

You can rent boats and boating equipment, enjoy picnics, camping and boat launching and docking. This is the perfect place for anyone who loves fun and adventure on the water.


Branson Lakes offer the perfect grounds for water activities for both amateurs and professionals. The numerous activities and facilities available are sure to provide an experience like no other location.